A mario-fangame made for Weekly Game Jam #109 (Theme - A Sad Ending)

It's Bowser's Last Stand! Defend your fortress from an endless stampede of Italian plumbers.

A grim reminder that one man's happiness is another koopa's sorrow.



A/D (or arrow keys) - move left/right

K (or C) - Jump

J (or X) - Shoot fireball

- Restart Game (at end screen, will restart you to the level you most recently beat)


End Theme by MijimoGO

Assets (Sound effects, sprites, etc) taken from Super Mario Bros. Perhaps this counts for fair use under parody/satire? In any case, I learned a lot from doing this project. It was a lot of fun to make!


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this is excellent -- I would love if there was a leaderboard

Thank you! A leaderboard is a great idea! If I were to flesh this game out I'd definitely add that in!


Haha... nice work! Funny and sad. I like the building sense of futility of the whole thing.

Thanks! Haha yeah, the never ending persistence of the "good guy" to beat the game was something I was going for.


¡Vaya parodia buenísima! Amazing Super Mario Bros. Parody!


s'good would buy


Gracias! Thank you!