Plan out your December! You have the following obligations:

  • one four-day event
  • two three-day events
  • three two-day events
  • four one-day events

There must be at least one rest day between any two events.

  • A number at the end of a row indicates the number of event days for that week.
  • A number at the end of a column indicates the number of event days for that day of the week.

Given rest days are indicated with a gray symbol and border.


  • Left Click on a date to toggle an event day
  • Right Click on a date to toggle a rest day
  • Z - Undo
  • Shift-Z/Y - Redo
  • R - Reset

(You can click an event on the left to toggle graying it out as a visual aid)

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This puzzle was created for The Confounding Calendar! I had a lot of fun coming up with a puzzle for this project!



- Unity 2019.4.29f1

- Unity Assets: Shapes, ScriptableObjectArchitecture, NaughtyAttributes, better-minimal-webgl-template

- Fonts: Outfit, Assistant

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
Made withUnity


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fill sat - day sum

fill 12,13,16,17 - one rest that week, no 5d

rest 10 - 10 filled would lead to two 4d on week3

fill 8 - a rest there would need to fill 5–7, which would make a 4d there, when a 4d is needed on week3

rest 19 - filling 19 would force 2 4d on week3

rest 6 - 20 or 27 must be rest (day sum), can't both be rest since too many 2x rests


4+3*2+2*3+4 = 20 total work days

9 events

31 calendar days

11 empties, which means 2 extra empties, either surrounding or between calendar units

4d can't be on week1 (4d as to be on week2 or week3), week4 (too many gaps), or week5 (week sum)

3d can't be on week5 (too many empties created)

1 gap only on week3 (week sum)


nice deductions! great work, thanks for playing!

i don't get it


This might be a really silly question but does the game let you know when you've solved it?  I *think* I've solved it but I can't actually tell :D

(1 edit) (+2)

Hey folith, the game will let you know when its been solved. (Note that events can wrap around a week (for example, Friday-Saturday-Sunday-Monday is one 4-day event, not two 2-day events hahah)


Really lovely.  Harder than it looks but also no tricks involved, just pure logical deduction.  (As I discovered after failing several times with wild assumptions.)


Can be solved step by step!!!!


very fun little puzzle, had me stumped for a bit :D


This was a lot of fun! The realization that the rules aren't as constraining in the same ways as similar-looking puzzles was daunting at first, but that extra layer of things to think about was really nifty. I look forward to the rest of this month!


great puzzle! 


Really fun puzzle and a great start to the month!


Great little puzzle that was kind of like picross with a unique twist! Fun to figure out


This was great (and hard!!).


Solved! wow