Oh no! You forgot the plans that you made for this December! Use your powers of logic and deduction to reconstruct your schedule!

You remember that you made the following plans:

  • one four-day event
  • two three-day events
  • three two-day events
  • four one-day events

And you remember that certain days are part of a planned event, and certain days are rest days. These given days are marked with a gray border.

You also remember:

  • the number of total event days for certain weeks (indicated by a number at the end of a row)
  • the number of total event days for certain "days of the week" (indicated by a number at the end of a column)

If you solve this puzzle, get ahead on your new year by scheduling your January Plans in this bonus puzzle!


  • Left Click on a date to toggle an event day
  • Right Click on a date to toggle a rest day
  • Z - Undo
  • Shift-Z/Y - Redo

(You can click an event on the left to toggle graying it out as a visual aid)


This puzzle was created for The Confounding Calendar! I used this jam as a way to brush up on HTML/CSS/JS, so I made a puzzle using the same ruleset as my submission for last year (which was made with Unity). I hope you enjoy it!



- Fonts: Alexandria

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Very cool and enjoyable solve.

calendar picross!

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I had some trouble with this puzzle until I realized there was an unstated assumption: that at least one day of rest exists between any event and the next one.  (If that wasn't true there'd be a lot of potential solutions!)

I remembered it said that for last year's but it doesn't say it this time. If that's supposed to be part of the rules could it be added to the description?

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thanks for playing!!!

ahh yes, I can add that detail. I didn't add it this year because it is implied (if you add an event day between two events...then it becomes one big event). But it seems that explicitly stating that would help out!


I wish it were true for real life. "Oh, sorry, I can't go to your party this Wednesday because I already have an event planned for Thursday, and I always need a rest day in between events"

made a video :)